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Fourth Marathon

It’s official – I’ll be running the 2012 NYC marathon this November… a mere three weeks after the Chicago marathon!

Unfortunately my husband and I both applied for the lottery, but only I got in. This will be the first race I’ll be running without him. Even though we don’t usually run together, it’ll be weird to have him on the sidelines the entire time, instead of just waiting for me at the finish. The first thing my dad said to me after finding out was “Well you can’t run Chicago then!” … of course I can, silly. I’m just going to soak in NYC and really enjoy it – I mean, it’s in my birthplace and I know the majority of my family will be able to come out and see me at some point on the course (they have no excuse – I’ll be running near their neighborhoods)!

Official training starts at the end of May, but I’m going to use between now and then to maintain the mileage I worked on for last week’s half marathon. I can’t believe that I ran my first marathon in November 2011, and by November 2012 I’ll have four under my belt!

Can you tell I’m excited? Who else is running?


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