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Wine For Everyone

Disclaimer: The product and promotional item were provided by Barefoot Wine & Bubbly for this review.

I’m not usually a big wine drinker, and typically take “whatever white you have” when out and craving a glass, but I’d like to think my palate has been expanding over the years. So, it seemed only logical to jump at the offer to sample some of Barefoot Wine’s new “refresh” line of wines. I’ve had Barefoot Wine before and have always enjoyed it, so I was confident the new line wouldn’t disappoint. I actually received the e-mail asking if I was interested while I was wine tasting in Sonoma during my San Francisco trip (I promise a recap on that deliciousness is coming soon)!

There are four different wines in the new refresh line, and we were able to select two of the four to sample. I decided to give the “Crisp White” and “Perfectly Pink” blends a try as I gravitate towards white and blush wines. It’s not that I don’t like red wine, but they stain my mouth, lips, and teeth within minutes of drinking, so I tend to avoid them. The wines in the new line are each described as “a flavorful, light-bodied, and refreshing wine specifically created for the ever-increasing number of wine occasions that extend beyond the traditional dinner table.”  Since I don’t drink wine frequently, I realize I’m not someone that can easily pick up a winemaker’s tasting notes. I always read the tasting notes for wine, coffee, beer, etc., but rarely take a sip and think, “wow, I can really taste that citrus and cinnamon” or whatever the notes may be. Even though I don’t have a sensitive palate, I still enjoy drinking wine!


I decided to start with the Perfectly Pink, and sampled it on just an ordinary weeknight while cooking dinner. I first noticed the color, and then the bubbles. It definitely screams “girly wine” but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing (for me, at least). It tasted just how I expected a Chenin Blanc and Moscato blend to taste; light, crisp, fruity, and sweet. It was a little too sweet for me (7.5% residual sugar), but I think it’s perfect for celebratory sips! I saved the Crisp White for a sushi dinner with friends at the end of the week, and between the three of us, there wasn’t a drop left. It paired really well with my veggie rolls, and added a nice sweet element to the saltier dinner (only 3.3% residual sugar). It’s a perfect wine for people that aren’t big wine drinkers (like some of my friends); one even referred to it as a “less wine-tasting wine” (we’re sommeliers, can’t you tell?). While it’s a Riesling blended with Chenin Blanc, it reminded me of a lighter, slightly tarter Moscato, which I loved.

All of the Barefoot Refresh Wine varieties are extremely affordable (only $8 for a 750-ml bottle), and based on the two I was able to sample, I am definitely going to pick up some more next time I’m at the store.

Are you a wine drinker? What’s your favorite type?


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