I think I’ve lost my mind

Please tell me I haven’t, or if you really think I have (lost my mind).

The fiancé and I are seriously considering running the Pittsburgh Marathon May 15th (yes, this year, in 3 months and it would be my first marathon), running the Philly Marathon in November, and then going Goofy in January for the Disney Marathon .

Can I do it?!


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  1. Do you have miles under your belt yet? If not, then MAYBE you’re crazy for wanting to do a full in 3 months. 🙂 But Goofy? Nope…not crazy… I’ll be right there with you!

    • I have miles from the half in Disney, but probably not enough … we just want to be able to run a full before we dedicate ourselves to doing Goofy, since it’s such a big monetary commitment! The fiancé thinks he can do it, but I’m second guessing myself (just with my past injuries, the time I have, etc.)… I’m trying to find a race in June instead, but it’s proving difficult!

      • omg I totally forgot you guys ran the half….I had a temporary brain fart, sorry! 🙂 Since you’re already at 13, I honestly think you guys could definitely do a full by May. You only need a few more long runs to get you to the distance. I personally went up to 22 but I don’t think you need to, and probably won’t again. A lot of my friends only went up to 18, some did 20, and some only went up to 16. It really is all a mental game. Physically I think that’s totally enough mileage!

  2. I’m thinking about walking the Pittsburgh half! Exciting! Ya’ll could totally do it! But i agree with Jenn, have you and your husband been training?!

  3. Cruisin for another bruisin (or more serious injury…..)?

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